About Me

I founded the LegallySaid Accelerator to help investors and social entrepreneurs build resilient, impact-focused companies and increase the reach of impact capital.

If you’re committed to making a positive change and need help with the legal side of things, I’d be happy to talk. Book an introduction session with me, and let’s explore smart legal structures that enable your goals together.

My Story

With over 17 years of international experience, my areas of expertise include sustainable governance, tech and supply chains, ESG, impact investments, fundraising, and the scaling of sustainable entrepreneurship.

I’ve spent my career supporting ambitious social entrepreneurs in growing their businesses, making investing more sustainable and inclusive, and reshaping our legal profession to better serve the transformation of our economies.

By serving as a key supporter in the impact-enabling community, my goal is to redefine the role lawyers play in society.

Why Work With Me?

My style of working is impact-oriented, but also practical. My pedigree is no-nonsense legal support that makes commercial sense, for your business, your P&L and the team. The big ideas have to work in practice and most times they require a staged approach, start confidently and build towards a grand ambition, implementing the lessons learned on the way.

We’ll work side by side as a team, to strengthen your organisation and make your mission stronger, while taking into account the realities of doing business – no unnecessary legalese and complicated stuff.

When crafting and implementing legal solutions, we’ll establish clear metrics:

  • Will it help achieve your mission?
  • Will it maximise the impact that you’re trying to make?
  • Will the team adopt it?
  • Will it save time?
  • Will it save costs?

Does this sound like you? Let’s have a chat!

Book a discovery call or write me an e-mail at info@legallysaid.com

What people say about working with me

I have seen firsthand Raluca's genuine commitment to legal innovation for mission-driven entrepreneurship. Her efforts reflect her conviction in using law for the greater good and inspiring change in the legal profession. We co-founded the LISI Foundation and co-created the Impact Term Sheet to channel more impact capital towards social entrepreneurs. This shows her dedication to not just talk about change, but to actively be a part of it.

Testimonial Item

Sarah Ellington

Impact Lawyer LinkedIn

Raluca and I have worked side by side to build a strong, mission-centric company. She ensured our legal foundation was solid and purpose-aligned, playing a pivotal role in navigating our growth challenges. Her contributions were key to establishing the legal frameworks for our successful scaling.

Testimonial Item

Bas van Abel

Fairphone Founder LinkedIn

Raluca's work was key to facilitating the funding process, ensuring the social enterprise we were investing in didn't just secure the investment but also remained true to its mission and purpose. Post-funding, she determinedly supported the implementation of impact governance mechanisms safeguarding the enterprise's core values and our investment objectives.

Testimonial Item

Merijn ten Thije

Impact Investor LinkedIn

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