With over 17 years of international experience in sustainable governance, tech, and supply chains, as well as expertise in ESG, impact investments, fundraising, and scaling sustainable entrepreneurship, I am excited to help you scale your social enterprise or optimize your impact investment processes. My goal is to support organizations like yours in creating positive change through sustainable practices. Whether you’re an ambitious social entrepreneur seeking guidance on scaling your venture or an impact investor aiming to maximize social and environmental impact, my services are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

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Mission Safeguards for Portfolio Companies

Strengthen the impact you’re making by helping your portfolio companies grow with a focus on mission and impact.

I help you identify and implement legal safeguards to protect the mission and impact of your portfolio companies and avoid mission drift in the growth phase, to be included in your deal process and documentation.

Legal Solutions to Anchor Impact in Investment Process

Streamline your deal process and documentation with legal structures that embed your impact goals.

We help you identify and apply innovative legal structures that align your investment strategy and processes and the mission of your fund and the impact that you want to achieve.

Deliverables include a set of updated investment templates.

Delivered in collaboration with the LISI Foundation and its team of co-creators, based on the learnings from the award-winning Impact Term Sheet.

Post-Investment Support to Portfolio Companies

In-company training that impact investors can offer as technical assistance post-investment to portfolio companies to implement legal and governance investment to do-s and apply internal legal structures, tools and processes to strengthen the business and anchor impact

Impact Investment Readiness

Prepare your social enterprise for impact investment with personalised legal guidance to ensure your readiness to attract impact capital and protect your mission.

From helping you set-up the relationship with co-founders, board and existing shareholders, choose the right incorporation form or group structure, create a realistic budget for compliance expenses, to structuring strategic agreements that resonate with impact investors, we’ll look together at all your unique legal needs to help you succeed in your impact investment journey. I will help you navigate the legal landscape confidently, positioning your enterprise for success in the world of impact investing.

Mission Safeguarding

Safeguard your mission in a way that complements your fundraising journey. I help you identify and implement legal safeguards to protect the mission and impact, while supporting and optimising your impact funding journey. This includes:

  • Identifying and implementing the mission safeguards that are right for your business and funding ambitions
  • Business case for implementation and maintenance to help you make the right decision
  • Support in deciding what you should implement before investment and what you should implement after investment
  • A negotiation checklist for your investor discussions

Impact Corporate Governance

Whether you’re on a fundraising journey or not, I help you ensure that:

  • The mission is at the heart of your decision making
  • You aren’t impact-washing
  • Your boards, shareholders and team are properly set-up
  • There’s clarity over who makes decisions, who signs agreements, who represents the company and who keeps oversight
  • You have a clear accountability system in place
  • Your group structure is in line with your mission and business ambitions

In-house counsel services focused on strengthening internal legal structures, embedding impact and growing your business, including

  • Mission safeguarding
  • Governance set-up - co-founder, board and shareholder relationship
  • Find and implement the right entities across multiple jurisdictions
  • Supporting or managing your legal function and legal P&L
  • Set-up of an SME ESG compliance framework
  • Strategic agreement support - what to say yes to, what to say no to and how to structure your agreements and discussions for the best commercial and impact outcomes
  • How to manage your IP

Fixed pricing bundles available for monthly ongoing support.

Our in-company training and workshops are made to inspire your team and equip them with skills and knowledge for implementing impact into investment processes. Some of them will be delivered with partner organisations.

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Anchoring Impact In Investment Structures

With the award-winning Impact Term Sheet being downloaded more than 1000 times by a global community and a dedicated community of expert co-creators, this workshop will provide a holistic view of anchoring impact in investment processes based on our unique learnings and insights.

With the Impact Term Sheet as a guide, we'll tackle everything from governance and incentives to reporting and exits and we'll guide you towards a better alignment with social entrepreneurs, co-investors and stakeholders.

Human Rights and Stakeholder Inclusion in Supply Chain Contracting

Understanding and upholding human rights principles while ensuring stakeholder inclusion is at the heart of building a sustainable supply chain. This training equips participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of supply chain contracting with a focus on regulation, human rights considerations and stakeholder engagement. Through interactive sessions and practical insights, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of ethical sourcing practices, risk mitigation strategies, and effective stakeholder engagement techniques.

How to Create an SME ESG Compliance Framework

This training is designed to provide SMEs with practical guidance and actionable steps for developing a robust ESG compliance framework tailored to their specific needs, resources funding and growth ambitions. Participants will learn key strategies for assessing ESG risks, establishing relevant policies and procedures, and implementing effective monitoring and reporting mechanisms.

Negotiation for Strategic Business Agreements

Throughout the training, we'll cover a diverse range of topics, including how to secure your first business agreements to prepare for investment, discerning what to say no to and what to say yes to in commercial negotiations, and identifying essential points to include in your contracts based on your unique business needs. Additionally, we'll engage in interactive sessions where we'll collectively examine a deal of your choice as an example for optimization.

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