The Mission Hub

Welcome to “Mission Safeguards for Impact Capital.” This course is a tool for social entrepreneurs aiming to align their mission with the essentials of securing impact capital. It serves as a comprehensive guide, navigating you through the complexities of mission alignment and impact safeguards, equipping you with strategic insights and tools for informed decision-making that aligns with your mission goals.

What You’ll Learn

Upon completion, participants will:

Demystify Industry Jargon: Gain clarity on terms like mission locks, governance, and corporate structure, enhancing your ability to maintain your mission’s integrity in all business dealings.

Acquire a Strategic Toolkit: Receive a toolkit that simplifies decision-making processes, ensuring they align with your social or environmental mission, thus driving your business forward in a meaningful way.

Learn about Mission Safeguards: Learn about different options for embedding mission safeguards within your organization, attracting and retaining investors who share your values, thereby laying a solid foundation for sustainable growth.

This course is designed for:

  • Entrepreneurs and Founders: Those who are dedicated to growing their enterprise without compromising on their mission.
  • Impact Investors: Individuals or entities interested in investing in businesses that provide both financial returns and positive societal or environmental impact.
  • Professional Advisors: Including mentors and lawyers who support social enterprises through their growth journey.
  • Social Impact Advocates: Anyone passionate about making a difference through business and investment practices.

Whether you are in the early stages of building your social enterprise or looking to enhance your impact investment strategy, this course offers valuable insights and tools for navigating the mission-driven entrepreneurship landscape.

Inside this course

  • Overview of Safeguarding Tools: A compilation of widely used mission and impact safeguard strategies and legal tools.
  • Market Acceptance Insights: Insights into how the market perceives and supports mission safeguards, aligning your strategies with investor expectations.
  • Governance Safeguards Guide: Actionable tips for implementing governance safeguards, suitable for both immediate and future planning.
  • Self-Assessment Tools: Tools to help you identify which mission safeguards best suit your enterprise and to find investor profiles that align with your mission.
  • Practical Implementation Guides: Access to example clauses, how-to guides, and best practices for incorporating mission locks into your organization.
  • Extensive Learning Materials: Resources for ongoing education on mission protection strategies.
  • Immediate Actionable Tips: Guidance on resources necessary for implementing and maintaining mission safeguards, including DIY tasks and when to seek professional advice.